Interview with Christian Bonnesen (LLNN)

10 Apr 2022 - Thorsten

Heaviness is important! Really important. Many people would say that Chicago-based sludge/doom/noise band Indian are the heaviest thing they ever heard - if you listen to their records that becomes quite clear. But when listening to Copenhagen’s sludge-maniacs LLNN one has admit, there’s a strong new contender. Just let Unmaker cleanse your ears with corroded pincers and that will become quite apparent!

Unmaker (here you can find our review to it) is one of those records which will leave more than a bit of an impression on one’s ears and minds. And therefore we wanted to sit down with LLNN’s singer Christian Bonnesen and talk with him about riffs, sound and heaviness, about song titles, his recent bachelor party and his love for “the Bizkit”! A really enjoyable interview offering lots of knowledge about the band and Christian himself!

(Photo Credit: Thomas Gronkjaer)