Name, Age: Jonas, Team of ‘86

Where from?: Mölndal, Sweden

Family & Pets: My girlfriend Vida and our two doggos; Mila and Sami.

Favorite artist: I mean… It’s probably envy.

Best label in the world: Alerta Antifascista, maybe?

Best concert ever: Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas performing ‘Mariner’ in its entirety in Stockholm, 2016.

Top Record of 2021: ‘Unmaker’, by LLNN

10 Albums for the month-long-stay on the tiny island: I think I’d need something closer to 30 albums to have enough variety without missing a few gems, but…

  • ‘Chasing After Shadows… Living With the Ghosts’, by Hammock
  • ‘Den sorgligaste musiken I världen’, by Vi som älskade varandra så mycket
  • ‘Enjoy Eternal Bliss, by Yndi Halda
  • ‘Inlé’, by Fall of Efrafa
  • ‘Insomniac doze’, by envy
  • ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You!’, by pg.lost
  • ‘Lapsus’, by Light Bearer
  • ‘Mariner’, by Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas
  • ‘North’, by Logh
  • ‘Plains of the Purple Buffalo’, by *shels

Best joke you always tell: I never really tell jokes, but this is one I like: ‘‘Hey guys, it’s me!’ – But it wasn’t him!’

Best Beyoncé song: ‘Drunk In Love’

Favorite Drink: Mojito

Most important piece of advice to tell your 20-year-old-self: ‘Everything may feel pointless right now, and while you won’t find the meaning of life, you’ll definitely find meaning in life.’

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