Ripcord records compilation   you matter part iii

Various Artists - You Matter - Part III


Once more the caring people behind Ripcord Record have enabled 101 artists from 32 countries and us listener to raise money for an organization that works 24/7-365 to prevent suicides. The artists give their music, the label curates a compilation, we buy it, and as such help prevent suicides.

Similar charities have always a friendly voice at the end of the phone anywhere in the world, if one dials 116 123.

We have all been there, or we know someone who has been there, after looking down into the abyss of our record collection. We feel a bit desperate looking up from the abyss, searching for new music, new bands, new impulses: Well the search might be over with this compilation of 101 bands from 32 countries pouring out 11 hours of music. Ripcord Records has once more used its vast network into the underground and the undercurrents of metal-related music and compiled this treasure chest of veiled gems ready to be unveiled by yourself if you join me and chip in what you can afford to pay for it.

Many of us, too many in fact, have also been at a point where we are desperately seeking answers while doing some serious self-examination staring in anguish into the abyss of unanswered questions after a suicide. The numbers are almost too staggering to understand, about 800,000 people choose to end their own lives each year. That is more than twice as much as the number of deaths due to wars and weaponized conflicts during a year even in a world that seems on fire at the moment.

Looking beyond the statistics, the sad fact is that men are the majority of those who choose what they feel is the final solution. And family, friends, and colleagues are left with questions and self-examination. We need to talk about this, we need to raise awareness about this and we certainly need organizations like Papyrus (, which is a suicide prevention charity in the UK. All the money raised from this compilation, and the previous two (You Matter and You Matter Part II), goes to this charity.

Ok, back to the music. As with the other two compilations by Ripcord Records it is an astonishing achievement to compile such an exquisite collection of bands. It is impossible to write about each song and band on this album, but it is possible to say that every band fits to this carefully curated compilation. This is not songs thrown together at random, there is a pattern in there on how they are compiled. The songs flow naturally and there is never a dull moment. I have spent time in planes, trains, automobiles and per pedes apostolorum listening to every song, and there is not a single disappointing moment during the 11 hours ride through Black Metal, Post Metal, Grind, Screamo, Atmospheric Black and Post Metal, to name just a few styles covered here. It is really a no-brainer for everyone on the quest for new bands, and new music to chip in here.

To end this review, I will repeat what I wrote back in April when the previous compilation was released: “You Matter is an apt title because it speaks to each one of us that, no matter what you think, you always matter to someone, probably more people than you can come up with. So, this is a no-brainer, chip in and buy the compilation. You will discover a lot of new bands, will re-discover some forgotten, and will contribute to saving a life that matters. And if you need someone to talk to, there is always a compassionate voice at PAPYRUS in the UK or at the end of the line if you call 116 123.”</i>

If you treat yourself to this new compilation and have the two previous (still available on Bandcamp), you now have 303 songs and bands to delve into and 30+ hours of music. And, even on the brink of repeating myself, you might have helped prevent an untimely death by suicide.