Interview with Matt Wainwright (Cold Gawd)

05 Dec 2022 - Thorsten

Get Me The Fuck Out of Here was a knucklehead jab out of nowhere. Nobody here had expected this sound which is as warm as R’n’B (YES!) and as dynamic as classic Shoegaze. An interview with the mastermind behind a band that no one should miss who is into surprising records!

When talking to Matt Wainwright one has the feeling of talking to a person who is quite chilled on the hand but really serious about his music on the other hand. In some way that also reflects in his music. Shoegaze is a genre which could also be described as a ‘white boys club’ with only seldom people of color joining in for the fun of staring down at your sneakers. And when one comes around who knows about that, who is not angry of being alone in that club with his friends and of being the standout act then that can become either a novelty act or a somewhat groundbreaking release. Cold Gawd’s recent full-length made us believe that this is the second - something not really heard of before. Reason enough to talk with Matt and find out how he sees his band’s position inside the genre. And maybe also what “Magic Matt” has to do with it ;-)