The Glass Pavilion -

05 Aug 2022

When Daniel told us he wanted to write a review on an album by a relatively unknown project called The Glass Pavilion, we just gave him free reigns as we usually do. When we then listened to it ourselves, we understood why he really, really wanted to do this. And now, being huge fans of Glass Pavilion’s strong yet fragile music, we feel honored to have him give us some kind of insight into his music and what influenced it. Enjoy all you VoS-aficionados - enjoy the weekend and the new playlist!

“I found it really hard to make an “influences” playlist without either going too narrow (because there aren’t many conscious influences in my mind at all when I sit down to write music), or too broad (because there’s a temptation to just start sharing more and more of your favourite songs). So I’ve tried to focus by asking myself what, honestly, are the roots of the musical preferences that tend to come out when I sit down to write a Glass Pavilion track. What I’ve come up with is this “Formative Years” playlist: ten tracks I discovered between the ages of 11-24 (ish), presented in the order I first heard them, that (in my head at least) trace some sort of a line towards The Glass Pavilion.”