A Terre -

18 Mar 2022

A few weeks ago, we were able to present the latest single by French soon-to-be-big Post-Metallers Á Terre and the response was great. After that we asked the band to compile a playlist for us and it turned out awesome and here is what the band itself has to say about it:

Each member has proposed tracks that have a particular importance whether for the lyrics, the melody, the general atmosphere, a technical aspects of instrumental practice or a salient souvenir in our lives. There are titles which clearly move away from our style but which carry a hidden source of inspiration or starting point within them. French artists are not forgotten… If our language is not necessarily easy to sing, compared to others, it is particularly suited to expressing the dark or melancholic feelings that characterize our lyrics. And sometimes, words are useless. We struggle to maintain the playlist within the time bonds, as the talented people are so numerous in our extreme genre. Hope you will enjoy it, discover or re-discover the shades of metal.

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