Interview with Jacob Bannon

Jacob Bannon - Interview


Day 9 - final day and what do you do for a grand finale? You go out big! And that’s what we do! Ending this marathon that started with Motorpsycho and had some of our favorite artists - there cannot be anybody but the one and only Jacob Bannon! However, we will not be talking about Converge or Wear Your Wounds too much, but rather about his art for he is one amazing artist; everyone who has looked at the Converge-record covers will know what I am talking about.

Jacob’s art is not only visible in the Converge releases but also on a lot of the early Hydra Head 7”s like Corrin, on records by Cave In, Knut or hardcore classics like American Nightmare’s self-titled record or Every Time I Die’s Hot Damn!! However to him artwork is much more than just the single visual created for it.

So now, without much further ado, we give you our grande finale for the VoS-Interview-Marathon:

If you want to get to know more about about Jacob and his artwork make sure to visit his website

PS: Maybe this interview will be the start for another series of interviews, who knows? ;-)