Quietus - Chaos Is Order Yet Undeciphered

01 Jan 2020 - Thorsten

Post-Hardcore | Release date: 01 Jan 2020

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Charleville-Mezieres-based hardcore band Quietus has some of the most important ingredients - but all?

If a band’s name is Quietus (the quiet one) and they say they play some kind of post-hardcore, it’s my time to step onto the plate. And man, I was not disappointed with this release as Quietus from Charleville Mezières, France, really listened well to what their predecessors had to say – and even more importantly, what they had to play. The quartet really knows how to build intriguing soundscapes around interesting song structures. Sometimes they just simply stop the song after a marching drum part, just to let the simple three chords echo into eternity and then go back into a near-pop punk only to kick the accelerator back into full swing with a high-octane ending. You will recognize some blastbeats to show an even more aggressive and spitting outlet. With the first four songs the band has already shown more ideas in roughly 18 minutes than other bands on a full record.

However, one should note that the band needs to incorporate the lyrics a bit better because they lack something that a lot of hardcore records lack when it comes to the vocals: A clear position within the sound, not trying to say that the band has a bad singer/shouter, it’s just that he might be more in the center of attention in order to get his message across.

If you like some bands in the middle between Thursday and Converge, this French outlet might be just the thing for you. Get on the waggon, before you are said to be a bandwaggoneer!