Name, Age: Brayden Moore, 17

Where from?: Somerset, Kentucky

Family & Pets: I am the most closely related to the workman and moore family. I have 2 dogs, I love them both very much.

Favorite artist: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Best label in the world: Elektra has some good records

Top Record of 2021: Either Fucked up: Year of the Horse or Fire Toolz: Eternal Home

10 Albums for the month-long-stay on the tiny island:

  • Bruce Springsteen: The River
  • John Prine: s/t
  • Agalloch: The Mantle
  • Joni Mitchell: Court & Spark
  • Krallice: s/t
  • Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: The Good Son
  • Fugazi: Repeater
  • Mark Lanegan: Whiskey for the Holy Ghost
  • Blind Melon: Soup
  • Dinosaur Jr: You're Living All Over Me

Best joke you always tell:

I’m contextually funny. Ex. I once said Wilson highschool (my highschool) field trip would probably be to townsleys (a local shop, sells rotten meat, down the street, their motto is “if we don’t have it, tell us!” Nuff’; said, they have everything.) The joke is funny because Wilson high school is incredibly poor

Best Beyoncé song: “I am not the one/To sit around, and be played/So prove yourself to me/ I am the girl that you claim/Why don’t you say the things/That you said to me yesterday.”

Favorite Drink: Water

Most important piece of advice to tell your 20-year-old-self: If the handle is out of reach just get closer. (note from the editor: Maybe something like “Here I am, Hold on!” might also be a good one ;-)

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