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There are way too many records released every week - which one should you listen to? Why is the new Bruit the best record of the year? Which post-metal record is the dark-horse of the year? Questions that we want to answer - we review lots of records every week and you can also check out a little teaser before reading the whole thing. And if you want to, you can also browse through our archive and have a look at the amazing records you might have missed out on.

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  • Celestial Season - Mysterium I

    28 Apr 2022 - Knut
    Doom Metal

    Celestial Season was founded in 1991, released their first album in 1993 and their sophomore album in 1995, they became one of the forerunners of Doom Metal in the 90s. Then they changed their style to Stoner Metal for some years, took a hiatus and came back with a Doom Metal release in 2020 and now releases a captivating new Doom Metal album that will be the first of a trilogy. It is as if the Stoner period of the band never existed, it is as if the core players never left or took a break.

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  • MOSAIC - Heimatspuk

    27 Apr 2022 - Thorsten
    Folklorian Black Metal

    “Die alte Straße / menschenleer / schleicht müde durch die Fichten“ (“The old road / deserted / is slinking tiredly through the spruces”) - when listening German poetry like that accompanied by wonderfully melancholic guitar (or lute?) sounds then one of the first guesses should be that you are witnessing a track by black metal meets folklore mastermind Martin van Valkenstijn and his project MOSAIC. And you are – cause it’s a line from his new record Heimatspuk!

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  • Haru Nemuri - Shunka Ryougen

    26 Apr 2022 - Daniel F.
    Experimental J-Pop

    I heard about Haru Nemuri for the first time this week as a result of a chance recommendation by a friend on Facebook. After finishing my first listen of her new record Shunka Ryougen, my bemused disbelief was such that my first instinct was to hastily start writing about it. I began jotting down adjectives such as ‘visionary’ and ‘prescient’ while hitting the repeat button and trying to fully soak in the genre-defying artistry I’d just heard. Hailing from the cultural hub of Yokohama Japan, Nemuri has embarked on a musical mission that sees her transcend boundaries both in terms of language and style.

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  • Glass Museum - Reflet

    25 Apr 2022 - Sebastian
    Jazz / Electro

    When I first heard Glass Museum at their online show during the online Dunk! Festival last year, I was immediately captured by their unique sound and music. A duo consisting only of a drummer and a piano / synth player is capable of creating some of the most interesting soundscapes some big bands strive to even come close to.

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  • מזמור & Thou - Myopia

    24 Apr 2022 - Jonas
    Atmospheric Blackened Doom Metal

    Every now and then, an impossible void comes into existence, within which the laws of nature don’t apply, and one plus one equals three. ‘Myopia’, the collaborative effort between Mizmor and Thou is one of these occurrences, which took place during the 2022 edition of Roadburn Festival, and got released as a studio album on the very same day in a clandestine manner!

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  • Vanum - Legend

    23 Apr 2022 - Knut
    Atmospheric Black Metal/Post Black Metal

    On their previous release, Ageless Fire, Vanum had really found their footing with brave and monumental Black Metal. Their music immediately grabs your attention and keeps it through the whole album. Intense and energetic drumming, rolling bass and riffing guitars that push melody after melody, building up a such grandiose soundscape that it sometimes borders on symphonic black metal, even without any string instrument but just a touch of synths. And they continue their venture steadily on this new album

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  • Novarupta - Carrion Movements

    22 Apr 2022 - Jonas

    In the beginning, there was fire, followed by water. Now, however, it’s time for air, in the ethereal shape and form of ‘Carrion Movements’, the third studio album of Novarupta!

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  • Bruecken - Innere Unruhen

    21 Apr 2022 - Simon
    post rock

    Take a journey to post rock nirvana with the sophomore album by Bruecken

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  • QAALM - Resilience and Despair

    18 Apr 2022 - Thorsten
    Funeral Doom

    There are those moments, when one knows upon hearing the first few seconds of a new band’s debut that this is gonna be good! When listening to Resilience & Despair, the debut of Los Angeles-based funeral doom outfit QAALM, that moment was given within some short seconds of the first track!

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  • Laang 冷 - Xinteng 心疼

    17 Apr 2022 - Thorsten
    Atmoshpheric Blackened Hardcore Metal

    There is something about the last 冷 (Laang) record 心疼 (Xinteng) that makes my heart beat faster and that are not the brilliant blastbeats! It is the perfectly executed mix of two of my all-time favorite genres: Black Metal and Hardcore! Sit back, take some time and let your ears be cleansed by this whirlwind!

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  • Darkher - The Buried Storm

    16 Apr 2022 - Knut
    Ethereal Doom

    Darkher. What a name for a band! That was my first thought when I saw it on bandcamp in 2014. It simply shows that this is on the gloomy side of things and that a woman is behind it. I bought the EP before I heard it and I was not disappointed. In 2016, Jayn Maiven, the artist behind the project, released the first full-length and took her music further. And now our musical journey alongside Jayn continues in the dense fog over moors by a coast towards the ocean with flickering light sometimes piercing the fog.

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  • Dimwind/Breaths - Seasons (Split EP)

    15 Apr 2022 - Knut
    Post Metal, Blackgaze, Doomgaze

    This split brings together two bands from each side of the North Atlantic Ocean, Dimwind from Gøteborg, Sweden and Breaths from Richmond, Virginia, US. Two bands with different approaches to music as they are from different genres, but at the same time two bands that through their original take on their original genres make a captive and emotive aura around the music. As with the Sâver/Psychonaut split last year, it is a perfect match.

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  • Emma Ruth Rundle - Orpheus Looking Back

    14 Apr 2022 - Thorsten
    Indie-Rock, Folk

    Is quality more important than quantity? Who gives a … if you talk about Emma Ruth Rundle, as it seems that she has never released anything just slightly mediocre. Take this short three-track digital EP Orpheus Looking Back - less than nine minutes but they are enrapturing as anything she has done before!

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  • Nonsun - Blood and Spirit

    11 Apr 2022 - Simon
    post metal, dark ambient, drone, sludge

    Nonsun have crafted an elegant hypothesis of the nature of suffering. It’s beguiling, claustrophobic and at times also beautiful.

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  • falls - twenty below ep

    10 Apr 2022 - Skyler

    falls surprises me with a release I didn’t know I wanted

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  • Various Artists - The Others (Tribute to Lustmord)

    10 Apr 2022 - Stephan

    Less is more? Depends. At least in case of the promo text for this tribute album less would certainly be less confusing. But given the sheer amount of names involved, the release being offered in different versions, and since Pelagic Records can’t just assume that everybody’s already familiar with the whole body of work of the artist being celebrated here, there’s probably no way around smashing us with dry facts, which are ultimately completely irrelevant for the pure enjoyment of the music at hand.

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  • Aerial Ruin - Loss Seeking Flame

    06 Apr 2022 - Thorsten
    Doom Folk

    Metal can be a lot, and maybe something outside of metal music. As long as it got the spirit. Aerial Ruin is surely no metal music, but the man behind it is metal as … . His latest full-length, Loss Seeking Flame might be one of the most unconventional metal records of the year, because it isn’t – but he is!

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  • King Dude & Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand - Black Rider on The Storm

    05 Apr 2022 - Stephan
    Neofolk, Krautrock

    TJ Cowgill aka King Dude, dark Americana neofolk singer/songwriter from Seattle with a background as a death metal vocalist, meets Albin Julius, kinky march music industrial provocateur turned psychedelic rock trip conductor of the band Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand, for a transatlantic collaboration to sing “Ballads of a Cowboy Lost in Austria”.

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  • Decasia - An Endless Feast For Hyenas

    04 Apr 2022 - Knut
    Stoner Rock/Acid Rock

    This album comes as springtime lightens and warms up the days and the music it contains is like a fresh breath of air with the three-piece French band´s freewheeling daredevil hippy-approach to the stoner music style. It is fast, it is fun and it is like they are inspired by the Bob Dylan quote, ”Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free”.

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  • Insense - The Soothing Torture B-Sides

    03 Apr 2022 - Daniel R.
    Progressive Tech-Death Metal

    I’m going to let you in on three secrets before I start this review, well the actual single I’m reviewing. One, we aren’t just given music to review at random, it’s usually given to us because it’s thought that we’ll like it, Insense The Soothing Torture B-Sides was given to me as it said for fans of Meshuggah and Strapping Young Lad.

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  • Ultha - All That Has Never Been True

    02 Apr 2022 - Thorsten
    Atmospheric Black Metal

    Ultha, one of Germany’s most important black metal bands, released their new album All That Has Never Been True on this April 1st. No, this record is not in any way an April Fool’s prank. If you know the guys behind it, you know how important their music is to them. The new record is no exception to that as it finishes a not-preconceived trilogy and shows exactly why every black metal fan should love this band!

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  • Lana_Del_Ray - Shotgun_Synesthesia

    01 Apr 2022 - Gene
    Indie-Pop, Post-Rock

    We are not the biggest purveyors of Pop here at Veil Of Sound. But when we caught wind that the sultana of sing herself, Lana Del Ray, was working on an album made up exclusively of Post-Rock covers, we could barely staunch the spittle. Obviously, we knew we had to sit down with her publicist, neighbor, dog or anyone we could get on the line, to learn all that we could.

    To our amazement, the diva herself deigned to answer our groveling request for an interview. And so, a few short international wires later, we present you, in her own words: Lana Del Ray: Shotgun Synesthesia.

    Lana sits down and begins nervously touching her face. Softly brushing away invisible lint, she begins to speak with eloquence and a charming sneer. Speaking in a disarming, wistful manner, wildly gyrating lips seem to chew her face as she dives, fairly unprompted into her passionate diatribe and does. Not. Stop.

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  • Wander - Home

    30 Mar 2022 - Wouter

    The first explanation I can find for the term ‘emotional rollercoaster’ says the following: ‘a situation or experience that alternates between making you feel excited, exhilarated, or happy and making you feel sad, disappointed, or desperate’. I can shorten that substantially to simply “Listen to Home by Wander’. It sways, rocks, hits you when you least expect it and embraces you when you were preparing for emotional devastation. The beauty of Home lies in the unexpected so I recommend sitting down and just letting it wash over you. Preparing in any way is futile.

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  • Morrow - The Quiet Earth

    29 Mar 2022 - Jonas
    Emo crust / Post-Metal

    It’s been a little over four years since the release of “Fallow”, Morrow’s sophomore album, but now they’re finally back with their third album, called “The Quiet Earth”, and the continuation of the post-apocalyptic sci-fi epic, spanning three bands and seven albums!

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  • Sundowning - In the Light of Defeat, I Cease to Exist

    28 Mar 2022 - Jonas
    Doom Metal / Post-Metal

    A decade has passed since they released their last album, followed by an indefinite hiatus, but now Sundowning has returned from the other side, reinvigorated, with a truly fresh-sounding new album – “In the Light of Defeat, I Cease to Exist!”

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