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There are way too many records released every week - which one should you listen to? Why is the new Bruit the best record of the year? Which post-metal record is the dark-horse of the year? Questions that we want to answer - we review lots of records every week and you can also check out a little teaser before reading the whole thing. And if you want to, you can also browse through our archive and have a look at the amazing records you might have missed out on.

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  • Imperial Triumphant - Spirit of Ecstasy

    16 Jul 2022 - Stephan
    Avantgarde Black Metal

    A “Maximalist Scream” it is indeed. The first single for Imperial Triumphant’s new album could easily have been its title track, as these two words so truly encompass the essence of Spirit of Ecstasy: A bonkers more is more assault of layered chaos with an army of guest musicians from all over the spectrum performing multiple genres simultanously within an avant-garde black metal tornado that sticks its gloriously cacophonous vortex right into your wide open, shell-shocked mouth.

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  • Mosara - Only the Dead Know Our Secrets (EP)

    14 Jul 2022 - Knut
    Sludge Doom Metal/Doom Metal

    In May last year Mosara released their debut album although they had been active as a band since the beginning of the 2000s. It was all you could wish for from a heavy blistering sludge doom album. And now they release an EP that further explores the heavy sludge doom sonics they master so superbly well. This release may be a bit more subdued in how it unfolds the soundscapes, more cinematic and wider, but still very stupendous.

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  • Ashenspire - Hostile Architecture

    13 Jul 2022 - Thorsten
    Blackened Avantgarde

    Hostile Architecture Hostile…what? How can architecture be hostile? It can and it will become clearer throughout this review of a really amazing record if you like White Ward and Botanist, Code and Imperial Triumphant. Glaswegian-based collective Ashenspire catapults itself into the top ranks for modern black metal music with a twist and an agenda!

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  • Sacred Son - The Foul Deth of Engelond

    12 Jul 2022 - Thorsten
    Atmospheric Black Metal

    “Serfdom / Injustice endures / I plough the field, harvest the corn / For naught; no silver crossed my palm / Toiling without recompense / Until the worksmen succumb to pestilence“ The first words we can hear on the latest Sacred Son-record The Foul Deth of Engelond is like a mirror or wormhole between the present and the time depicted in its procedures. Maybe the songs work like time capsules to teach us something?

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  • Hiroe - Wrought

    11 Jul 2022 - Thorsten

    Hiroe is a new band which has just released their debut album – on Pelagic Records and it must mean something if the big players in post-metal want to publish your debut! Nothing less than that your music must be really promising and the band from Philly surely is promising a lot of good things as their post-rock is shifty and playful but also serious and seductively light.

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  • Scarcity - Aveilut

    09 Jul 2022 - Thorsten
    Experimental Black Metal, Avantgarde Death Metal

    Aveilut means “mourning” in Hebrew. Aveilut is a record about death and the feeling of loss. Aveilut is a record by two highly talented musicians. Aveilut is a record which will grip you by the throat, kiss you, embrace you, break your back while doing so and in the end will never leave your side. Miraculously wonderful.

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  • CHVE, Maarten Marchau, Simon Segers, Thomas Hoste - De Manen Opzij

    08 Jul 2022 - Thorsten
    Ambient, Traditional

    We all know how that is – an artist you really like has a new project out and while listening to it, you notice that it is not quite like you expected. What do you do then? Discard it or give it another chance? In the case of De Manen Opzij, a new project involving Colin H. Van Eeckhout my advice would be – listen to it more than once, more than twice, heck, give it as many spins as you might need, because then a record will unfold before your ears which is somewhat like dark magic!

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  • Miira - Wellness

    07 Jul 2022 - Stephan
    Post-Rock, Noise, Ambient

    Wärmi is Wärmi is Wärmi.

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  • Existence Dysphoria - Minus Negative

    06 Jul 2022 - Knut
    Sludge, Doom Metal, Stoner Doom

    The sludge is on, murky gritty heavy guitar, low-end grooving bass rooted to the ground by hard hitting drums and cymbals. All played with a fuzzy stoner attitude. This release shows how sludge should be played with harsh, abrasive and grinding distorted instruments and shouting unpolished vocals fighting for attention in the contorted sonics. The London based band formed in 2017 holds back nothing and throws in some surprises.

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  • Ştiu Nu Ştiu - New Sun

    05 Jul 2022 - Thorsten
    Psychedelic Rock, Vintage Rock

    “Somewhere along the doom-folk highway“? Or rather the “Birth of post-metal”? The truth lies in the middle when talking about New Sun the new record by Ştiu Nu Ştiu, the wonderfully outlier band for all those who love Wolvennest or Årabrot, the Gun Club or GGGOLDDD. Music which is difficult to grasp but easy to fall in love with. Or to?

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  • Liam Mour - Above

    04 Jul 2022 - Skyler

    Liam Mour comes in strong after his first motion picture soundtrack.

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  • Am Himmel - As Eternal As The Starless Kingdom of Sorrow

    04 Jul 2022 - Thorsten
    Atmospheric Blackened Drone Metal, Shoegaze

    In some ways the debut full-length of new Dutch project Am Himmel (English: In the Sky) is hard to pinpoint – it could be called drone, maybe industrial, definitely shoegaze, certainly black metal but maybe it’s just a brilliant debut by this semi-anonymous band? It surely deserves your attention, dear friends of the obscure blackened drone metal!

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  • White Ward - False Light

    03 Jul 2022 - Thorsten
    Avantgarde Black Metal, Jazz Metal, Post-Punk

    “Cronus“ and “Downfall“ will be the tracks that many former fans rally against when it comes to the latest record by Ukrainian extreme metal masters White Ward. That these fans never really understood what this band is about and why these two tracks function perfectly in the context of this more than open-minded band must be explained in detail. Nevertheless, one thing is sure - False Light will be one of the most talked about records of 2022!

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  • Saor - Origins

    02 Jul 2022 - Thorsten
    Atmospheric Black Metal

    Christians perceive their god as a holy trinity. Shakespeare had Macbeth encounter three witches. The new Saor record has three steles on its cover. Those ancient upright stones with ritualistic markings are glowing in that typical Scottish blue that one can also see on the cross of St. Andrew, the Scottish flag. Andy Marshall is back with his Caledonian metal project! Fàilte air ais, Saor!

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  • Thūn - II

    01 Jul 2022 - Knut
    Doom Metal/Heavy Metal

    Looming on the horizon is a foreboding Lovecraftian apparition who is ready to take on the natural world´s enemies with an unknown ferocity. It will probably be one of The Great Ones, might be Cthulhu, Amon-Gorloth or Atlach-Nacha. The band Thūn is back with the second volume of dystopian doom metal one year after the first chapter. And the music has grown heavier and angrier with an eleventh-hour-feel looming over the heavy sonics with lyrics like “It is an insult to the heritage of thought, delimitation of information, follow belief without evidence.”

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  • Devils Tail - Desolation

    28 Jun 2022 - Thorsten
    Black Metal

    This record was kind of a surprise to me – because I was listening to it over the speakers while working on a few other things and it seemed to be nothing but another black metal record. Then I put on my headphones and was really surprised – because now it seemed like a whole other album. So take my advice – give Desolation a spin but listen to it with some good headphones. There are a few things hidden in there!

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  • Wyatt E. - āl bēlūti dārû

    27 Jun 2022 - Thorsten
    Ritualistic Far-Eastern Psych-Rock

    The long-gone times in Mesopotamia, the land between the two rivers, seems to be more on a cultural ascend again. Last week we had the premiere of UR, earlier we featured Dakhma and their Zoroastrian Black Metal and now we got Wyatt E. from Belgium. Their latest record, āl bēlūti dārû is surely a mesmerizing masterpiece – one should not underestimate the effect these 37 minutes of music can have on you!

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  • The Lord - Forest Nocturne

    26 Jun 2022 - Thorsten
    Horror Soundtrack, Noise Rock, Drone, Doom

    When choosing not to use perfect pre-released singles with Robin Wattie (Big ǀ Brave) and William DuVall (Blast, Alice in Chains) one must be really confident in his other songs. Greg Anderson aka The Lord surely is – and he has every right to be as the full-length debut Forest Nocturne turns out to be a highly emotive, fully enclosed universe full of soundtrack-like density, Carpenter-esque horror and songs to be afraid of. Or to be afraid of missing. Or both.

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  • Nechochwen - Kanawha Black

    25 Jun 2022 - Thorsten
    Atmospheric Black Metal, Blackened Folk

    The Kanawha river is a tributary river of the Ohio River, flows through West Virginia and it was named according to the Iroquoian language spoken in the region meaning “water way”. When a black metal uses such a name for an album, you already get some idea that they will not be talking about Sci-Fi-battles or medieval castle sieges. Nechochwen from Ohio fit that idea perfectly with their fifth album called Kanawha Black which is a must-listen for all fans of this kind of mix between black metal and traditional folk!

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  • James Romig & Mike Scheidt - The Complexity of Distance

    24 Jun 2022 - Thorsten
    Neoclassical, Doom

    Whenever two genres are brought together by artists and musicians from very different backgrounds that will create a certain tension and friction. Listen to this mighty record by James Romig and Mike Scheidt and you can witness the friction crawl through the speakers or headphones and form that blurry oscillation that will create grainy dark pictures before your very eyes.

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  • Woorms - Fatalismo

    23 Jun 2022 - Thorsten
    Noisey Psychedelia, Stoner, Sludge

    Okay, to kick the big elephant from the room, this record is big, or rather: it should be big, because it works like a time machine back to late August 2002, so nearly twenty years ago. Back then an already somewhat established band released a record that many still consider groundbreaking: Songs for the Deaf was the record and Queens of the Stone Age was the band that was immediately catapulted into the limelight of every bigger music magazine. For Louisiana-based sludge-noise trio Woorms, their latest record Fatalismo should be the same. If the world was a fair, a just place!

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  • La Reine Seule - Visages

    22 Jun 2022 - Knut
    Neo-Classical Piano

    And now for something completely different: When the artist´s label announced this album they wrote something like “This is the quietest album we have released.” We can concur with that here at Veil of Sound; the quietest album reviewed as it is an album with eight pieces for classic solo piano by Judith Hoorens.

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  • Llyn Y Cwn - Du Y Moroedd

    21 Jun 2022 - Dan D.
    Dark Ambient

    Llyn Y Cwn is the one-man field-recording-based dark ambient project of Ben Powell who, as it states on the Bandcamp page, has been making electronic music for over 25 years. Having been aware of Llyn Y Cwn for a couple of years now since enjoying 2019’s Cold Spring debut Twll Du and the follow-up Dinorwic, I was extremely looking forward Du Y Moroedd when I became aware of its release.

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  • Dinbethes - Balans

    20 Jun 2022 - Thorsten
    (Atmospheric) Black Metal

    There are some bands that just don’t make it easy on you – Dinbethes might be one of them. Their mix of black metal structures, punk tempi, pagan shouts, doom moments and sometimes even psychedelic parts is not unheard of, not unusual but in some way different and hard to pinpoint. But one thing remains clear – this is, at its core, black metal of the highest standards!

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  • Kalkas - Envoûtante sève

    17 Jun 2022 - Thorsten
    Post-Metal, Noise-Rock

    Envoûtante sève (or “Bewitching Sap“ in English) is the title of a five-track debut by Swiss doom-psychedelic-noise-rock Kalkas from Lausanne, located in the Francophone part of the country. It has five supporters on Bandcamp today (June 17th, 2022) and that needs to change as more people need to find out about the band, their record and their anger at the people who cause our planet to rot away!

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