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  • Dreadnought - The Endless

    19 Sep 2022 - Simon
    Doom, Death, Progressive, Post-Metal

    Genre alchemists Dreadnought return with a truly epic album that provides a great gateway into this exemplary band!

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  • Sonic Flower - Me And My Bellbottom Blues

    18 Sep 2022 - Thorsten
    Heavy Rock, Stoner Rock, Doom

    Southern Rock or Southern Metal to me are always difficult genres because, let’s be honest, there are quite some idiots with the wrong sociopolitical mindset out there doing that music. Nevertheless, the appeal of a well-played Southern Rock guitar is appealing because that little extra-twang on the six-string, that slightly muddy sound and the bits of blues and classic rock in there are something else, if done well. It can be heavy without being too machismo and soulful without being too diva-like. Sonic Flower, whose roots are in the Japanese heavy rock scene, now have a record lined up for us that fits that idea to the t. Me And My Bellbottom Blues, y’all!

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  • Otus - Torch

    17 Sep 2022 - Knut
    Atmospheric Sludge Metal, Post Metal

    After twenty-odd years can we just call a band´s music classic Atmospheric Sludge Metal and stop the name dropping of the bands whose shoulders they stand on? We all know who those bands are, therefore I think we can. One of the frontrunners of this metal genre once answered when he was asked if it was a good tag for a metal genre, ”At least we know what we are talking about”. So let´s talk about this magnificent and diverse new release in this genre by the Italians Otus.

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  • Excurse - Sitra Ahra

    17 Sep 2022 - Thorsten
    Experimental Doom

    Is it okay to call something “a long time in the making” if the recordings are five or six years old? Maybe not if it’s doom metal, maybe it’s kinda the character of the music and the mindset. It’s probably more important if the music is good or not, because who would want a Fear Incontinentum for the experimental doom genre?! With Excurse’s latest record Sitra Ahra the first one is true, the recordings are several years old, but fortunately the second one is nothing like that meager thing the Binford Tools-quartet released some years back. Sitra Ahra is highly convincing experimental doom metal to keep SunnO))) fans busy until the masters release their next milestone!

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  • Noise Raid - Cosmic Radiation

    16 Sep 2022 - Knut
    Instrumental Metal/Post Sludge Metal/Sludge Metal

    The guitars riff, the guitars fuzz, they pluck and go high-pitched while a low-end bass sometimes takes over the riffing and pushes the distorted guitars aside along with the energetic drumming. These German musicians are really generous with their musical outpour as this debut release clocks in on 78 minutes including three remixes. You may ask, but no - never a dull moment and also always has something new to uncover in the intricate, often dense sonics.

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  • Hegemone - Voyance

    15 Sep 2022 - Knut
    Atmospheric Sludge Metal/Post Metal/Dark Wave

    A roar of anger lifts the new album from Poznan´s Hegemone off the ground and thus might be a comment when we watch the world slipping sideways these days. Although this might be an exaggerational over-interpretation as the album has a lot more to say, both with the ideas behind it and not at least because of the monumental and inventive music that surges from it.

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  • Vulnificus - Invocation

    13 Sep 2022 - Joshua
    Brutal Death Metal

    Artistic labor is labor. That’s an idea that came up around the impromptu craft circle of friends, family, and womxn expressing their creative talent my partner convened on Friday. If you haven’t been exposed to this idea before or enough—first, that’s on purpose! Myths about the “purity” of art rarely serve the interests of artists or the people. Second, there are many great resources available on the Web to learn more. But today I want to talk to you about artistic labor in the form of the EP, and recommend a recent brutal death metal stunner, Invocation by Vulnificus, the infectious new bacteria all the kids are contracting — or should be.

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  • Salt Pig - The Chalk Circle

    12 Sep 2022 - Thorsten
    Post-Rock, Experimental, Free Jazz

    Over the last few years, I was surprised at many people not seeing the importance of Tortoise for the development of post-rock. The candor and plain openness towards vast influences from Jazz, to Fusion, from Prog-Rock and Blues. John McEntire and his fellows opened many doors, with many bands following them through – like Salt Pig from Sheffield. Their new release shows that – and so much more.

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  • Titan To Tachyons - Vonals

    11 Sep 2022 - Joshua
    Jazz-Metal, Experimental, Fusion

    Fusion, like any generic label, has had its many inflections; and, like any musical innovation, it has suffered from its share of commodification. Before attaining critical bugbear status, however, fusion encapsulated an important advance in the syncretist history of modern music—call it “jazz,” “world,” or just plain “people music.” Infused with the countercultural electricity of the late 1960s and 70s, fusion loudly demolished cultural barriers, further widening the scope of musical collaboration and improvisation in the process. Such generative spirit still thrives in jazz-metal enclave Titan to Tachyons, whose sophomore LP Vonals is an audacious experiment in participatory sound.

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  • An Abstract Illusion - Woe

    10 Sep 2022 - Knut
    Atmospheric Progressive Melodic Death Metal/…and more

    What can be described as a splendid grandeur beauty? This release can. This long musical work of art is such, even if it unveils violence, abuse, despair and rage, although combined with revenge and a glimmer of hope and resilience. The trio follows up their two previous magnificent releases and, unbelievably, exceeds them with a release six years in the making. The haunting cover and title of the record give a hint to the multi-faceted music that unfolds.

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  • Sunflo'er - All These Darlings and Now Me

    09 Sep 2022 - Dan D.

    Sunflo’er sure can make a racket. And I mean that as a compliment of course. These Potsdam, New York-natives effortlessly combine elements of ‘The Wave’ bands such as Touche Amore and La Dispute as well as Converge and, at points, the sorely missed The Chariot to create a heady cocktail of ‘core’ goodness. I’m not a drinker but one whiff of what the band has blended on All These Darlings And Now Me I know that the mix sure is potent enough to get the party started!

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  • The Sombre - Monuments of Grief

    08 Sep 2022 - Thorsten
    Doom Metal

    Okay I admit defeat. Maurice de Jong, you are a master of not only one craft but of many. Each genre known to metal fans has now been done to perfection by the Dutch jack-of-all-trades. Following his sheer endless releases is like trying to count the bees around the freshest, strongest-smelling flowers in the middle of summer. And he has done it again – now in one of the genres he grew up with: The Sombre gives us some of the most wonderfully arranged and structured Death-Doom this side of the millennium.

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  • Stray From The Path - Euthanasia

    07 Sep 2022 - Sebastian

    Are you in or in the way? This urgent question is basically the whole idea behind Stray From The Path, one of modern hardcore’s most outspoken bands and that is something to behold in such a politically charged genre of music.

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  • Asunojokei - Island

    06 Sep 2022 - Brayden
    Blackgaze, Post-Hardcore, Screamo

    Blackgaze has always been a genre I’m not too fond of – I still harbor rigorous criticism against the sub-sub genre. Asunojokei have always proved themselves the exception to me: most other blackgaze artists are repetitive and melodramatic. Then there are the ones like Alcest, an overflowing well of unique ideas sewn together to craft something blissful counterpointed by metal’s endless ferocity; and then there is Asunojokei, who sits comfortably between these archetypes. Their debut album Awakening left a massive legacy that Island does its best to live up to.

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  • Mo'ynoq - A Place For Ash

    05 Sep 2022 - Thorsten
    (Atmospheric) Black Metal

    There surely has been no shortage of good American black metal bands but come on, one can never have too many good Black Metal bands, right? And if they show some Death Metal influences on their sleeves? Even better. Mo‘ynoq from Raleigh, North Carolina check these boxes and also offer some Pacific Northwestern tinges and even some Classic Rock sounds on their new album A Place for Ash.

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  • Tuhaf - Mere Guld

    04 Sep 2022 - Thorsten
    Folklore, Psychedelic Rock

    First of: I speak neither Turkish nor Danish, so this review is based solely on the music and the vocal expression! Nevertheless, this record surely hits a lot of sweet spots with me which have nothing to do with any understanding of lyrics! Tuhaf perform this kind of soulful, folklore-laden psychedelia which can be understood in Laurel Canyon or in Berlin as well as in Istanbul or Copenhagen!

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  • Nitelight - Oblivion

    03 Sep 2022 - Stephan

    Based on the sub cultural demographic of its musicians, labels and fans it doesn’t feel far-fetched to say that that there’s at least a certain brand of synthwave music which you could rightfully call the only worthwhile subgenre of metal that isn’t actually metal at all. Or at least for a while it has been that way. Not only with Carpenter Brut’s guitar shredding or Gost going full extreme metal the lines have already been blurred. Enter Nitelight, who have developed their related, but still distinct idea of merging the worlds while staying true to their fully electronic instrumentation.

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  • Endonomos - s/t

    02 Sep 2022 - Thorsten
    (Death/) Doom Metal

    Death meets Doom. A classic combination which is always somewhat promising to my ears as I have come to consider this one of my favorite genres of all time, because it mixes many things I like – melody, darkness, growls, heaviness, some blast-attacks. Austrian newcomers Endonomos deliver all of this on their self-titled debut full-length.

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  • Veldune - Veldune

    01 Sep 2022 - Joshua
    Rock, Art Pop, Desert Noir

    Sabbath Assembly were unique. Conceived initially as a performance art collective, its rotating cast of devotees released several albums exploring the liturgy of the Process Church of the Final Judgment, a poorly understood 1960s religious movement that eventually fell prey to circumstance and exploitation. Was it Gnosticism, Satanism, Reformed Christianity? No one could seem to agree. (What if we just chucked it all to worship women and animals?) When its core membership emerged, the band wed its mysticism with materialism to explore new sounds over several more albums—somewhat of a contemporary intellectual merger of the metal-jazz stylings of Black Sabbath and folk-rock ethos of Fairport Convention. Sounds awesome? It was. So, when three wayward disciples announce they will congregate anew to recapture a certain songcraft, it’s natural to wonder: is this Sabbath Assembly 2.0? Decidedly not. On their eponymous debut, Veldune travel new westward routes, awash in the variegated colors of a sunset horizon as they chase the evanescent union of earth and sky.

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  • Death Bells - Between Here & Everywhere

    31 Aug 2022 - Thorsten
    Post-Punk, Synthwave, Progressive

    ”I’ve been lookin, I’ve been lookin, believe me / I’ve been searchin’, I’ve been searchin’ for you” What sounds like one of the schmaltziest lines in music history ever, is actually delivered so well, that many, many people will be fallin, will be fallin in love with Death Bells. Whether again or for the first time doesn‘t matter. This record is a somewhat sunnier version of Post-Punk than what most people would expect but it delivers some of the warmest, brightest songs this side of “She‘s Lost Control“ or “Crystal“.

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  • Might - Abyss

    30 Aug 2022 - Thorsten
    Noise, Heavy Metal, Indie-Rock

    Eclecticism can be a two-sided sword musically. On the one hand it can be highly entertaining, if a band is able to master more than two or three or four different musical styles. On the other hand, then some other things must be well-done as well, like the tracklist, the arrangement and tonality of the songs and also the vocals. Northern Germany-based married couple MIGHT might have found a good way to give us another really great highly eclectic release, Abyss.

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  • Sarattma - Escape Velocity

    29 Aug 2022 - Joshua
    Experimental Post-Metal, Doom, Progressive Rock

    Sarattma’s debut full-length, Escape Velocity, is a tale of two albums. Alchemizing inconsolable grief, pain within and without, and the spiritual vagrancy that emerges when the very idea of home undergoes collapse, this is music conceived for the best and the worst of times. Throughout a suite of dynamic instrumental compositions interweaving a bevy of drums and guitars, the post-metal duo presents a Janus aspect: a large jaw set by past musical influences and fair face turned toward an uncertain future for terrestrial kind.

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  • Orochen - Anthroposcenic

    28 Aug 2022 - Gene
    Neo-Folk, Post Metal

    Unlikely, unexpected, and not to be overlooked, Anthroposcenic pursues an unworn path to aural enlightenment, paved with scathing social commentary and unforgettable hooks. Put Orochen on your ’top new artists to watch’ list!

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  • AEIR - A Frith Befouled

    27 Aug 2022 - Thorsten
    Post-Hardcore, Crust-Punk, Sludge

    Minnesang is a German literary term for a certain kind of medieval music with a singer accompanying himself on the lute or maybe even performing acapella. Mostly one must envision these singers composing songs about either love or some high nobility circumstances. Why am I writing this? Because to me, there is a certain parallel between Minnesang and the debut album by US/UK crust outfit AEIR. And that is not only due to the cover of the record but to several other things.

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  • Roji - Dual Gaia

    26 Aug 2022 - Stephan
    experimental, noise, jazz

    Come on! You can pretend to be all grown-up and mature all day, but I’m seeing right through you. Yes, your taste in music is super sophisticated, deep and diversified. And I respect that! But you cannot for the life of me tell me that there’s isn’t at least a part of you that deep down just regularily needs an eardrum-lambasting fix of new always louder and crazier extreme shit which just smashes your face and pummels your body in some form. And if there’s a noise that can scratch that itch while still maintaining its creativity and musical relevance, that’s even better, isn’t it?

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