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There are way too many records released every week - which one should you listen to? Why is the new Bruit the best record of the year? Which post-metal record is the dark-horse of the year? Questions that we want to answer - we review lots of records every week and you can also check out a little teaser before reading the whole thing. And if you want to, you can also browse through our archive and have a look at the amazing records you might have missed out on.

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  • Ember Sun - On Earth And Heaven

    20 Oct 2021 - Thorsten
    Blackened Funeral Doom

    How to find a good record to review: Step 1 – good name? Ember Sun; okay check! Step 2 – good label? Code666; definitely check! Step 3 – acceptable cover? skulls on dark dark green with a dichotomy of modern script and old-looking symbols; okay check! Step 4 – appearance? hooded figure; definitely check! Step 5 – genre? Funeral Doom; always check! Step 6 – listen! CHECK, we got a winner!

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  • Alda - A Distant Fire

    19 Oct 2021 - Knut
    Cascadian Black Metal

    Alda has once again dipped the wand in the pond of Black Metal and bestowed the metal community with a release immersed in alluring and meditative sonic landscapes. Listening to this new album is like walking on soft wet moss in the forest at dusk on a clear autumn evening. However hard and harsh the music can sometimes be, it leaves you with a mellow and soft impression.

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  • Dust Mountain - Hymns For Wilderness

    18 Oct 2021 - Thorsten
    Psychedelia, Folk Rock, Progressive Rock

    There must be something in those Finnish waters as the country between Hanko at the Gulf of Finland and Utsjoki in Lapland seems to have found an endless fountain of musical youth spilling out band after band after band. And with Svart Records, located in Turku on the Western sea-front, there is a label that brings those bands onto the international scene. The latest one is Dust Mountain from Tampere, who play a mix of progressive ideas, psychedelic structures and bewitching Folk harmonies. Really enchanting, not for lack of better word, but for the pure, undeniable appropriateness of the word here!

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  • Jü - III

    17 Oct 2021 - Stephan
    Experimental, Jazz, Avantgarde

    We all have this label, right? Or let’s better say those labels! Or is it just me? You get their newsletter, quickly fly over it, thinking “Whoa, I bet this shit is awesome” and then you decide that you’ll better not check it out, because there’s already such a giant amount of great new stuff out there and you don’t want to end up placing yet another order right now. RareNoiseRecords, who are specialized in the fringes of Prog, extreme Jazz, Experimentalism and uhm… Noise, have received this ungrateful treatment from me more than once. Luckily I was so intrigued by the absurd perpetuum auto-mobile depicted on the cover of Jü’s III (how frustrating that there’s no legal possibilty to change your driving direction!) that I couldn’t live without examining if the quality of the music lived up to the artwork. And oh Jü, it does!

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  • Teethgrynder - Hostages

    16 Oct 2021 - Thorsten
    Noise, Alternative-Rock

    Usually we tend to publish our reviews one week before release, but with this record I felt the urge to do it earlier for two reasons: First of all because it’s awesome and amazing, second because more people need to know about one of the most interesting records of the year. Hell, everyone should know about it!

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  • Low - Hey What

    12 Oct 2021 - Thorsten

    The second-most famous musical contribution from Duluth, Minnesota, proves once again, that their musical output doesn’t have to “fear” Bob’s shadow, even though they are not as famous as Robert Alan Zimmerman – unfortunately. But – if you hope that they return to being the mostly guitar-oriented band they started out as – please revisit their former masterpieces in that genre. In 2021, Low are still a band whose musical output is based on a different form of Indie-Rock, and their music is as exciting as it was 20 years ago!

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  • Läjä Aijälä & Albert Witchfinder - Centuries Of Youth

    10 Oct 2021 - Thorsten
    Experimental Noise / Ritualistic Rave / Downbeat Ambient

    What is “punk”? A style of clothing like Vivienne Westwood’s clothes? A kind of music somewhere between the Ramones and Sick of It All? Or rather a kind of mental attitude trying to challenge everything? Läjä Äijälä and Albert Witchfinder have an answer for it and some of you won’t like it! I personally do!

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  • Kehlvin - Holistic Dreams

    09 Oct 2021 - Thorsten

    Can we imagine a Post-Metal band playing their songs like a cross between Cave In’s imbroglio-style Metalcore and Dirge’s earthiness-in-Post-Metal? A band that doesn’t shy away from complicated structures and yet always comes up with a very direct approach to its audience? Well, we can – if we listen to Switzerland’s Post-Metal-comeback-album-of-the-year Holistic Dreams by none other than Kehlvin.

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  • Seims - FOUR

    08 Oct 2021 - Daniel
    Experimental Rock

    Seims are one of those bands that present something of a paradox for reviewers. Should we hone in on their eccentricity or their furious approach to songwriting, the undying melody or their tendency to write larger than life soundtracks that dazzle and lodge themselves in our skulls? The reality is that Seims are a breath of fresh air, a contemporary masterclass in post-progressive whatever-the-hell they are and damning evidence that different is best. The Australians might concoct something of an earful, but it is a privilege to sift through their mesmerising soundscape and try and make sense of the chaos.

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  • The Lovecraft Sextet - In Memoriam

    08 Oct 2021 - Thorsten

    How elegant and appealing can an album be without aiming for popularity and the mainstream? When listening to Jason Köhnen’s latest project, The Lovecraft Sextet, and their debut full-length, one finds a clear answer: Very elegant and highly appealing without sacrificing the overall idea of the record. In Memoriam is really good at exactly that!

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  • Demersal - Death Routines

    07 Oct 2021 - Thorsten
    Blackened Post-Hardcore

    691 seconds. Six-Hundred-Ninety-One seconds. Danish Emoviolence/Blackened Post-Hardcore outfit Demersal do not need more to prove to the world that they shouldn’t be ruled out or forgotten, when talking about the spearheads of modern Hardcore. Their newest EP Death Routines shows a band atop of their game that is able to incorporate many little details into their maelstrom

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  • Hippotraktor - Meridian

    06 Oct 2021 - Gene
    Progressive, Post Metal

    As if out of nowhere comes a stellar progressive post-metal album to complicate our year-end lists.

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  • Abstract Void - Wishdream

    05 Oct 2021 - Gene
    EBM, Experimental, Synthwave

    Joyous synths and Black Metal strange bedfellows in the righteous new outing Wishdream , 3rd drama from enigmatic experimental project Abstract Void

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  • Those Damn Thieves - Coherent

    04 Oct 2021 - Pat O'
    Experimental/Electronic/Post Rock

    Stunning artwork and brilliantly original musical wanderings make Those Damn Thieves mini album Coherent fascinating. Merging various musical styles and genres, this experimental release will shepherd you down many different alleyways and passageways. There is never a dull moment listening to Those Damn Thieves.

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  • Snares of Sixes - MoonBladder

    03 Oct 2021 - Knut
    Dark Ambient/Electronic/Dark Wave/Noise

    It seems that the collective of artists that makes Snares of Sixes led by multi-talented Jason Walton never stops evolving. While the first release of the band left an Industrial musical impression, this new release might best be looked at as an Ambient musical poem, a thirty minutes long movement that challenges you and lets you float in an ever-changing, often dark, soundscape.

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  • Burial Dance - Structures

    02 Oct 2021 - Pat O'

    Created by the exploration of intertwining melodic passages, heavy dissonant riffs and chaotic screams, the captivating sonic narratives of Structures should not be missed. Hold onto anything you can find that’s cemented deep into the ground, as Burial Dance tears up all that’s in its path.

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  • Abstracter - Abominion

    30 Sep 2021 - Stephan
    Avantgarde Blackened Death-Doom

    Whenever Sentient Ruin Laboratories announce a new release, one thing is for sure: Whether it’s Avantgarde Black Metal, Old-School Death, Industrial, Experimental Noise, Doom, Punk or whatever kind of band or project they drag out of their dystopian hell cellar - it will always be a ridiculously abrasive over-the-top assault on the senses. Or sonic warfare, as the label describes itself right on point in just two words on Bandcamp. Such a concept can of course wear out and get tiring fast if consumed too often, so my personal decision if I want to indulge the call for aural punishment or not, usually relies on the first couple of minutes I hear. Abstracter’s Abominion however had my interest within less than ten seconds!

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  • Fotocrime - Heart Of Crime

    29 Sep 2021 - Thorsten
    New Wave, Post-Punk, (classic) EBM

    Ryan Patterson is not only a singer from Louisville, Kentucky but also a veritable chameleon skinning his musical appearance with every new record. Having been the frontman of Coliseum, one of the most highly praised Hardcore/Punk bands this side of the millennium, he afterwards turned towards the more Post-Punk and New-Wave-affiliated kinds of music. And what is the most irritating thing? His output is still relevant and vitally variable!

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  • Kesem - Post-terra

    28 Sep 2021 - Knut
    Progressive Rock/Jazz Rock/Punk/Psychedelia

    ”If you listen carefully, we will prove our ability to transfer our thoughts to you.” A sampled voice begins the first full-length release from Los Angeles-based quartet Kesem that way. This concept album not only tells a story about leaving an uninhabitable Earth, it also transfers you back and forth between present time Progressive Hard Rock and to the early 70s Jazz-Rock and Psychedelia scene. It makes for an exhilarating listen.

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  • Theodore Wild Ride - dto.

    27 Sep 2021 - Thorsten
    Neo-Classical, Experimental,

    When was the last time you were mesmerized by music from the first moment those simple audio waves touched your ears and nestled in your brain till nothing else mattered? If it’s too long ago, maybe the debut album by new-formed experimental Neo-Classical meets improvisational Avantgarde artist Theodore Wild Ride can help you become re-acquainted with that feeling.

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  • Spirit Adrift - Forge Your Future

    26 Sep 2021 - Simon
    Heavy metal, Hard rock

    Sprit Adrift return with a forward looking ode to the glory days of heavy metal

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  • Shy,Low - Snake Behind The Sun

    25 Sep 2021 - Pat O'

    The Pelagic Records roster has come up trumps once more with the addition of Shy, Low to the family. Their new album Snake Behind The Sun is a post music rollercoaster of groove, melody and ferocity that’s cleverly and carefully restrained by moments of rich melodic interludes. Everyone will be talking about this album for a long time to come.

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  • Nick Hudson - Font Of Human Fractures

    25 Sep 2021 - Stephan
    Art-Rock, Singer/Songwriter

    One of my absolute favorite albums of 2020 was The Quiet Earth by the English band The Academy Of Sun: a sprawling collection of intelligent infectious earworms, somewhere within the stylistic triangle of Post-Punk, Synthie-Pop and Singer/Songwriter-Piano-Art-Rock. And while I was still finding new things to love about all the details of that masterpiece, Nick Hudson, the main singer/songwriter of the group decided to release a new solo album.

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  • Still - {}

    24 Sep 2021 - Knut
    Post Metal/Post Hardcore

    I have been an avid listener to all kinds of music for decades, I have seen trends come and go. In many music genres, trends seem to fade into oblivion, but in Metal related music, trends seem to become a genre. When Neurosis released Souls at Zero in 1992 they began the musical journey towards what has become Post-Metal or Atmospheric Sludge-Metal, inspiring genre-defining bands like Isis or Cult of Luna. And now, circa 30 years after, the genre is as vibrant as ever and almost overflowing of bands. And in come Still form Hull, UK, with their first full release { }. This riveting release will climb into the top regions of many AOTY lists.

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  • Deathsomnia - You Will Never Find Peace

    23 Sep 2021 - Thorsten
    Darkwave, Wave, Post-Punk

    Not having been an avid listener to 80s New Wave and especially the Goth-adjacent Darkwave genre, I have remained a skeptic critic of this kind of music ever since. When I then heard about the new project by one of the guys from one of my favorite Post-Metal outfits my skepticism didn’t calm down. However, after listening to Deathsomnia’s full-length debut You Will Never Find Peace my doubting nerves have been calmed and soothed immensely.

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