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There are way too many records released every week - which one should you listen to? We want to help you by reviewing lots of records every week and you can also check out a little teaser before reading the whole thing. And if you want to, you can also browse through our archive and have a look at the amazing records you might have missed out on.

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  • Non Serviam - Le Coeur Bat

    31 May 2021 - Thorsten
    Blackened-Industrial-Noise, Avantgarde

    When is it justified to call a band and their record “avantgarde”? When they excel in their own genre? When they are able to mix several styles fluently and effortlessly? When they do not care at all about any limiting expectations set upon themselves by any scene police? In my opinion, it is all of this and more, but one thing strikes out most importantly to me: The will to think without boxes. Just like …

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  • À Terre - Notre Ciel Noir (EP)

    30 May 2021 - Thorsten

    When a young band emails you about their EP which you had already heard before and tells you quite shamelessly that they are not here to give anything to you because they have already given everything then that can have two reasons: Either they are over-confident about their EP or they know that their three songs and 20 minutes are simply good.

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  • Grey Aura - Zwart Vierkant

    29 May 2021 - Thorsten

    Sometimes you see a record and you know it - that will be good. Because it reminds you of something. With Grey Aura’s newest record the cover-comparison is clear: The Mars Volta’s The Bedlam In Goliath has just the same colors, and man!, Zwart Vierkant is just as versatile and virtuous as the salsa-core from New Mexico!

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  • Mosara - Mosara

    28 May 2021 - Knut
    Heavy Metal/Doom Metal/Stoner/Sludge

    This is a debut full-length album from a band with seasoned musicians based in Phoenix, Arizona. They elegantly mix heavy metal, stoner, sludge metal and doom metal. It is remarkably well done and the high quality of the recording, mixing and mastering of this album makes it a riveting musical journey.

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  • Revival Hymns - Birth Pains

    27 May 2021 - Pat O'

    With over a decade in the business Revival Hymns can still forge music that’s majestic and rich in lush, heart-felt atmospherics. Lets have a listen to their beautiful EP Birth Pains

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  • Baulta - Another Second Chance

    26 May 2021 - Wouter

    Baulta are back! After a hiatus of almost 6,5 years the Finnish instrumental band released Another Second Chance and if you liked the sound and warmth of their previous releases, you can let out a sigh of relief, you will like this record as well.

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  • Pictures On Silence - dto. (EP)

    25 May 2021 - Thorsten

    Like many other European countries, France has a vast number of post-rock bands all over the place, but not many have good bands in so many corners and on so many levels. Pictures On Silence are just another example.

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  • The Paper Sea - Shadow Falls

    24 May 2021 - Ben
    Cinematic / Instrumental

    Presenting the debut solo record by LA-based Jared Matt Greenberg (Whale Fall, Charles Atlas, The Rosemarys), where our intrepid hero explores hidden pockets of melody and space to bring something different to the post-table.

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  • GLEN - PULL!

    23 May 2021 - Pat O'

    Berlin based GLEN’s latest album PULL! is a psychedelic and hypnotic instrumental jam, full of driving rhythms and seafaring hooks.

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  • Nadja - Luminous Rot

    22 May 2021 - Thorsten
    Ambient-Drone Industrial Doom

    If Game Of Thrones had been set in a post-apocalyptic location, then this would be the soundtrack to the Dragon Mother running amok in Season 8. Epic!

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  • Hippie Death Cult - Circle Of Days

    21 May 2021 - Thorsten
    Heavy Psychedelic

    Portland, Oregon-based quartet Hippie Death Cult shows how cleverly you can do classic American Rock if you infuse it with some unusual moments that turn the ordinary into the magical.

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  • An Atumn for Chrippled Children - As The Morning Dawns We Close Our Eyes

    21 May 2021 - Knut
    Blackgazee/Atmospheric Black Metal

    This album summons you to an emotional venture into the dark undercurrents of modern atmospheric metal music.

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  • Sȃver/Psychonaut - Emerald Split EP

    20 May 2021 - Simon
    post metal, sludge metal, progressive metal

    This stunning EP showcases the very best of both bands in a glorious exhibition of just what you can achieve in a split record

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  • VOLA - Witness

    19 May 2021 - Sebastian

    Progressive Metal, Djent, Electronic elements and an ethereal voice. All of this combined make up the music of VOLA from Denmark.

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  • Genune - Inert & Unerring

    18 May 2021 - Gene
    Atmospheric, Black Metal, Neo-Folk

    On their second album as a trio, Genune continues to prod the psycho-social tropes of their ancestral throne; smartly elevates typical Black Metal mores.

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  • Aufhebung - Lament

    17 May 2021 - Pat O'
    Sludge/Doom/post metal

    Aufhebung give us a sound that’s reflective of a world in decay. Beauty lies within the chaos. Check out Lament, the debut release from these Belgian purveyors of doom and gloom

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  • Throat - Smile Less

    15 May 2021 - Thorsten

    Throat from Turku, Finland are back and they command you to Smile Less. Command? Yeah, command! Otherwise you might find yourself with a band at your throat, a fist in your mouth and a few teeth less. Throat and their latest threat are out for you!

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  • Morast - The Palingenesis (EP)

    15 May 2021 - Thorsten

    Morast from the West of Germany return after 1,5 years and a line-up change with a first musical sign of life in the form of two songs on another example how exceptional their songwriting is.

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  • Wreche - All my dreams came true

    14 May 2021 - Knut
    Avantgarde Metal/Black Metal/Industrial/Piano Music

    This second release from Wreche will satisfy those of us who want a challenge and reward when listening to innovative music immersed in black metal and extreme metal soundscapes, we who relish multilayered metal music.

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  • Ural Umbo - Roomer

    13 May 2021 - Thorsten
    Drone Ambient Noise TripHop

    This record is something between the John Carpenter-soundtracks (for example Halloween), Jóhann Jóhannsson’s OST for Mandy and the work the two musicians usually compose with their respective main acts, Sum Of R and Dark Buddha Rising. So just the right thing for some bright summer days. Not.

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  • Ennoven - Empty Passes, Silent Trails

    12 May 2021 - Pat O'

    Ennoven’s latest album Empty Passes, Silent Trails carries you through mountain passes and deep meandering forests, with his unique blend of ambient and “atmospheric post black metal”

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  • Böira - Cendres ~ Mineral

    11 May 2021 - Knut

    What do we think about when we think about classic Post-Rock? For me what immediately comes to mind is GY!BE and Explosions in the Sky. There are, of course, many other bands we could think of and we could discuss this endlessly. But what if we fuse those two bands and throw in We Stood Like Kings, what do we get? We get the Barcelonan post-rockers Böira´s latest release. A release made in cooperation with the Spanish label Aloud Music, which has a roster of many interesting Spanish bands.

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  • Spoiwo - Martial Hearts

    10 May 2021 - Gene
    Cinematic Post-Rock, Synth Rock, Alternative

    “Contemporary Cinematic Post-Rock rubs elbows with no doubt unsavory late quasi-Industrial Ulver-types. Johnny Greenwood, reporting”

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  • Fyrnask - VII - Kenoma

    10 May 2021 - Thorsten

    A German Black-Metal band searching for their own sound, trying to navigate the traps between The Ruins of Beverast, Ultha and Krater and finally – succeeding: That is Fyrnask as they show on their fourth full-length VII – Kenoma

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  • Dopelord - Reality Dagger (EP)

    09 May 2021 - Thorsten

    Walking the fine between Stoner and Sludge, Poland’s Dopelord once again demonstrates why they are among Europe’s most important Fuzzed Out bands!

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