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There are way too many records released every week - which one should you listen to? Why is the new Bruit the best record of the year? Which post-metal record is the dark-horse of the year? Questions that we want to answer - we review lots of records every week and you can also check out a little teaser before reading the whole thing. And if you want to, you can also browse through our archive and have a look at the amazing records you might have missed out on.

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  • Longwinter - Burning Season

    30 Jun 2021 - Pat O'

    Longwinter have poured their hearts into this release. It’s brimming with soulfulness and melancholia,and perfectly showcases all the beauty that can be found in dark, emotive music.

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  • ISON - Aurora

    29 Jun 2021 - Thorsten
    Cosmic Drone

    “Aurora“ means light or lucidity or brightness. And one might have hardly ever heard of an album whose opener fits so perfectly to the album title as this one. It radiates brightness which flows towards the listener like the warm, embracing rays of sunlight. And that’s just the first track “Jupiter”!

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  • Drug Church - Tawny

    28 Jun 2021 - Sebastian
    Hardcore, Punk

    Drug Church are back! Before their next studio album next year, we get an EP as an appetizer and now I am really hungry for more.

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  • Impure Wilhelmina - Antidote

    27 Jun 2021 - Thorsten

    After more than 25 years, six full-lengths and several shorter releases, Impure Wilhelmina from Geneva, Switzerland still have something to say and are still relevant – not as front-runners of a new musical style (like back then) but as one of the bands that stick to their musical ideas without any pretentiousness.

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  • Bossk - Migration

    26 Jun 2021 - Simon
    post metal, progressive metal

    A rousing, triumphant return for Kent band Bossk which sees them delve into deeper, textured sonic territory and emerge all the better for it

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  • Dödsrit - Mortal Coil

    25 Jun 2021 - Knut
    Atmospheric Black Metal

    This album got me hooked on the first listen, and for me that is a warning. A lifetime of listening to music has thought me that such albums get boring after a couple of spins. But that did not happen with this captivating album. While listening to this album you will be immersed in the coldness of Black Metal, the warmth of Death Metal, the intensity of Crust-Punk with its d-beats, but above all you will get the soaring ambiance of Atmospheric Black Metal with angst-ridden lyrics.

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  • Auld Blue Eyes - The Early Years

    24 Jun 2021 - Pat O'

    “Post-hardcore” vocals dripping in attitude and laced with “indie” hooks and melodies give Auld Blue Eyes something very distinctive and fresh.

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  • Amenra - De Doorn

    24 Jun 2021 - Thorsten
    Blackened Post-Metal

    Praise upon praise is heaped upon the new Amenra record – deservedly. But what is the distinct difference between this record and their earlier releases? Well, let’s find out!

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  • Year Of No Light - Consolamentum

    23 Jun 2021 - Thorsten

    A few years ago Public Enemy released a track called “Don’t Believe The Hype” which by now has become a kind of catch-phrase and motto not to fall for something that seemingly everybody is rooting for. Well, when listening to the new Year Of No Light record Consolamentum I have to counter with “YES, BELIEVE THE HYPE!”

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  • Kollapse - Sult

    22 Jun 2021 - Thorsten

    Kollapse prove once and for all that there is a link somewhere between Post-Hardcore and Post-Metal. Just listen to some of the mighty drumming on Sult.

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  • Sleazebag - Peine Kapital - Split EP

    21 Jun 2021 - Thorsten
    Blackened Hardcore-Doom

    What do we get when a former grindcore act from Germany teams up with a blackened doom band from France for a split? Right! We do NOT get sunlight!

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  • Kankar - Dunkle Millenia

    21 Jun 2021 - Thorsten
    Black Metal

    What makes a good Black Metal album? Atmosphere? Speed? Rage? Or just simply a good mix and production? Kankar is very straightforward and punkish with their kind of Black Metal and yes, it is very effective.

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  • Boss Keloid - Family The Smiling Thrush

    19 Jun 2021 - Simon
    Progressive rock, Stoner metal, Doom metal

    Wigan five-piece Boss Keloid return with an incredible, sonically stunning example of what happens when you follow your heart and not churn out just what is expected of you.

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  • White Ward - Debemur Morti (EP)

    18 Jun 2021 - Thorsten
    Avantgarde Black Metal

    The Ukrainian metal-extremists release an 18-minute-EP in honor of the 200th release on their own label, Debemur Morti Productions. Musically, it is a really brilliant homage to DMP, but visually it might just be the worst cover of the year. But - it makes you think!

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  • Thūn - Thūn

    17 Jun 2021 - Knut
    Doom Metal/Death Metal

    A concept album about the imminent danger of a Lovecraftian man-made decline of civilization. Doom metal and death metal are sufficient music genres when one wants to create a dystopian soundscape as the background for the theme on an album like this release.

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  • Lustmord & Karin Park - Alter

    17 Jun 2021 - Thorsten

    How can we relate to music? To what extent do we build a connection with certain songs? What is the one thing that transforms the music around us into music in us?

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  • Sleaping Dreaming - M. Inclemens

    16 Jun 2021 - Pat O'
    Experimental Rock/Post Rock

    It’s a fusion of peerless and thought-provoking rock that spans numerous genres. it’s creative, it’s dark, but ultimately, it will have your undivided attention. Brooklyn’s Sleaping Dreaming have released M. Inclemens and it’s an album that needs to be heard.

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  • The Flight Of Sleipnir - Eventide

    14 Jun 2021 - Thorsten

    Anyone still remember how “Mama Said” f***** up Metallica and metal in general? Dividing the metal-community even harsher into the truvists and the innovators? Well, guess what – The Flight Of Sleipnir are innovators but do not care about innovation!

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  • Koldovstvo - Ni Tsarya Ni Boga

    13 Jun 2021 - Thorsten

    Really pushing the boundaries and limits of anonymity, Koldovstvo released a really mesmerizing record in the vein of Lifelover and Kall, Bethlehem and Mosaic. I never understood why Black Metal is necessarily always associated with bleakness….

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  • Somnuri - Nefarious Wave

    12 Jun 2021 - Thorsten
    Blackened Groovey Sludge Post-Metal

    Did you ever have a feeling as if new music wasn’t exciting enough, because it all basically copied something you had already heard? That creating something along well-tread paths gave you nothing? Only the highest level of innovation was just good enough for you? Then please go along, Somnuri and their world-class Blackened Prog-Sludge are not your thing!

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  • Black Flak And The Nightmare Fighters - Ad Meliora

    12 Jun 2021 - Gene
    Alternative, Experimental, Cinematic, Progressive, Post-Rock

    Offering up the past to stoke the rebelious fires of better times to come

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  • CMDR RIKR - The Bright Below

    11 Jun 2021 - Thorsten
    Doomy Chambermusic Post-Rock Post-Metal

    What is that? A band that sounds like some 70s dropout coming back to life? Or a new incarnation of the Leitmotif-phase Dredg? A chamber music ensemble meeting a triphop producer who shows them some Canterbury meets Doom records? It’s much simpler than that - it’s CMDR RIKR.

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  • Dimwind - Slow Wave Violence

    10 Jun 2021 - Knut
    Post Rock/Post Metal

    Exploring the borders of post rock and post metal with an intense and emotional release. This might be the most captivating instrumental album of the year so far.

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  • Love Is Red - Darkness Is Waiting

    09 Jun 2021 - Ben
    Melodic Hardcore / Straight Edge

    Nashville melodic hardcore outfit, Love Is Red, return to the fight with their first release in seventeen years. It’s good to have them back again, doing what they do best - kicking doors and settling scores.

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  • Chassm - Falling Forever

    09 Jun 2021 - Thorsten
    Doom Sludge Post-Metal

    Underneath Chassm’s thick, dirty crust of sludge and post-metal one can find a highly dynamic band with lots of virtuously embedded rhythm changes.

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