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  • Karin Park - Church Of Imagination

    16 Dec 2021 - Stephan
    Experimental Soul, Avantgarde Pop

    Let’s not beat around the bush here: It’s very likely that we - being the writers of Veil of Sound and you as the ones reading our nonsense - share a certain affinity to Pelagic Records. In regards of Karin Park this means, that most of us are probably on the same page: we’ve gotten to know her rather recently, first as the congenial partner of her husband Kjetil Nernes in Årabrot, then channeling her inner Lisa Gerrard in her collaboration with electronic musician Lustmord. But her almost twenty years long career as an adventurous pop artist? If you’re not living in Northern Europe and you have neither seen her supporting Lana Del Rey live nor are a musical nerd interested in all worldwide versions of Les Misérables, then it has probably completely passed you by. Time to catch up!

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  • Fere - Visceral

    15 Dec 2021 - Simon

    Take a tour to the outer reaches of rock with the Portuguese collective Fere and their new brilliant album Visceral.

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  • Modder - s/t

    14 Dec 2021 - Thorsten
    Psychedelic Post-Metal

    What makes a record heavy? The riffs? The tuning? The low-end rumbling? No – it‘s the pauses! Why? Because if everything is only dark without any light, without any rest – then everything will become a blur at one point. And with Modder‘s new self-titled record that becomes pretty obvious as they are really good at creating dark moments with the necessary pauses to highlight the strength and heaviness of the sounds around those small gaps of fresh air.

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  • Golgotha - Eye Of The Beholder

    14 Dec 2021 - Pat O'
    Dark Synth

    Golgotha’s Eye Of The Beholder is both fascinating and disturbing. Relinquishing control to the dark side will bring you on the murkiest, nerve-racking journey imaginable. Dark synthesised atmospherics are the soundtrack to this never ending nightmare. Brace yourself!

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  • Nathan Gray - Rebel Songs

    13 Dec 2021 - Sebastian

    With over twenty years in the hardcore scene and many releases and influential albums under his belt, Nathan Gray now releases his third solo record and claims this is his most political album in the past years, maybe ever. With the “Iron Roses” he now has a whole band behind him and they set out to scream their message from the roofs.

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  • Cultro - Phlegethon

    12 Dec 2021 - Knut
    Post-Metal, Atmospheric Sludge Metal, Avant-Garde Metal, Darkwave

    I really thought that when I reviewed the last release by Hemelbestormer and the last release by Five the Hierophant that those two albums would be both the heaviest and the most visionary albums I would review this year. But the year has not ended and Cultro comes thundering to the scene with Phlegethon. An album so remarkable and inventive that I just want to write “this is good, buy it and enjoy.” The music is so broad, deep and mighty that it goes far beyond their peers in Post or Atmospheric Metal.

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  • Rising Insane - Afterglow

    11 Dec 2021 - Sebastian

    Everybody has a different way to deal with mental and personal problems. Some cry, are angry, maybe lash out. Aaron Steineker and his band Rising Insane work through pain with their music and while the pain might still be there, their new record Afterglow for sure is a manifest of strength and their way to deal with the crap the world throws at them.

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  • Maybeshewill - No Feeling is Final

    10 Dec 2021 - Jonas

    “All good things must come to an end” is the old saying that came to mind back in September, 2015, when Maybeshewill announced they would be calling it quits, citing personal reasons, the following year after a final tour which included playing a show in New York City, their first show across the Atlantic Ocean. They had been a band for over a decade at that point and could definitely bow out gracefully, having four albums, an EP, and a sound of their own under their belt. It’s been said that some of the members probably would’ve preferred to keep the show rolling, but given the nature of this band and how tight they were, like a family, it would’ve had to be all in, or not at all, so that was that. On April 15, 2016, they played what was assumed to be their last show, a sold-out one at that, at KOKO in London. The end.. Right?

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  • Diadem - The Silver Tray

    09 Dec 2021 - Pat O'

    Houstons’ Diadem have released a three track EP under a dark wave of dream-gazed soundscapes and sweeping synthesised patinas. From the serene to the sinister, The Silver Tray serves up a truly unique and gothic inspired journey.

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  • Rival Consoles - Overflow

    08 Dec 2021 - Daniel F.
    Experimental Electronic

    After much deliberation, I’ve decided that the best way to start this review is with a confession. Three listens into the latest Rival Consoles album, I am still not sure how I should be listening to it. Before you sharpen your pitchforks, understand that far from being a damning admission, this is a result of the incredible depth on display throughout a record that demands an astute and willing ear. Consider this piece a rhetorical insight into one the year’s more astounding electronic releases; an ebbing, flowing hors d’oeuvre that refuses to travel at anything other than it’s own pace. It’s a lock that perhaps doesn’t need to be unpicked, we simply owe it to stand back and admire.

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  • Lhaäd - Below

    08 Dec 2021 - Thorsten
    hadopelagic black metal

    Sometimes you hear a record and it immediately clicks and the feeling is right there for a review. Sometimes you need days and days, spin after spin for one. With Lhaäd’s debut Below it was definitely the former as this record takes us back several decades and also pushes us forward years at the same time. A wonderful trip back and forth in black metal past, present and future.

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  • Enshroud - Darkness Grips Us All

    07 Dec 2021 - Pat O'
    Technical Metal/Death Metal/Metal

    Thunderous melodies, wicked harmonies and explosive vocals go some way in describing Enshroud’s latest release Darkness Grips Us All. A technical masterclass armed with clever hooks and a potency that will devastate.

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  • Somnolent - The Infernal Expanse

    06 Dec 2021 - Thorsten
    Blackened Industrial, Droney Ambient

    Whenever I hear the word ‘expanse’ I automatically think of the beginning of Star Trek, when they are talking about and its line of ”to boldly go where no man has gone before”. Why am I bringing this up in a review on a meandering, machine-like, industrialized, blackened ambient record? Because of the title and because of its structures!

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  • Saffronkeira - The Faded Orbit

    05 Dec 2021 - Thorsten
    Ambient, Drone

    How best to review the latest release by a highly productive artist who has released groundbreaking stuff in his own genre and who is – rightfully so – praised beyond recognition? Best stick to rule number one – stick to the release itself! Okay, so this is the review for SaffronKeira‘s new record The Faded Orbit.

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  • ERNTE - Geist und Hexerei

    04 Dec 2021 - Thorsten
    Black Metal

    True Hellvetic Black Metal. A new genre and a neologism in one. That’s what ERNTE, a brand new black metal outfit from Switzerland came up with. And if you think the name is silly and thus the band is too, well, you are mistaken! Why? Well, read for yourself!

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  • Pantheist - Closer to God

    03 Dec 2021 - Knut
    Funeral Doom Metal

    Pantheist, the brainchild of Kostas Panagiotou, never does anything halfway and you are in for a treat when Pantheist releases a new album. This album is labeled as an EP, but clocks in at almost 48 minutes with four reflective and meditative Funeral Doom tracks. Lean back and enjoy the wide musical canvas Pantheist unfolds.

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  • Darkestrah - Chong Aryk

    02 Dec 2021 - Knut
    Black Metal/Pagan Black Metal

    Darkestah has been on the Black Metal scene for quite some time with their music inspired by myths and legend from their country of origin. They formed in Bishek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan in 1999 and later relocated to Lepzig Germany where they now reside. Five years after their last full length the band releases an EP named after a cemetery in Kyrgyzstan, blasting out their epic music which is, as usual, inspired by shamanic rituals and ideas.

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  • Worn Out - Waste

    01 Dec 2021 - Pat O'

    An abrasive onslaught of dirty, heaving riffs, frenzied drums and dissonant screams make Worn Out’s latest release Waste a crushing blend of hardcore angst and attitude. These boys have arrived and have clearly marked their territory with this EP.

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  • Hammock - Elsewhere

    01 Dec 2021 - Wouter
    Ambient, Post-Rock

    Sometimes I feel like Hammock are the worst kept secret. When you ask people if they know them, a lot of them will say no. But with almost 400.000 monthly listeners on Spotify and their songs like ”I Can Almost See You” (over 35 million listens), ”Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow” (21 million) and ”Then the Quiet Explosion” (over 21 million) being spun that much, most of those same people probably have heard a song of them over the years. Maybe that is because of the ambient nature of their music, who knows, but one thing is very clear when you listen to Hammock. They are distinct in what they do, and they do it very very well.

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  • THÅRN - Collisions

    30 Nov 2021 - Jonas

    While the art of fusing various genres isn’t new, probably dating back to the late ’60s when we started seeing various combinations of Jazz and the more contemporary Rock’n’Roll music of the time, we sometimes see amalgamations of genres that shouldn’t work well, in theory. Blending the slow, low and heavy approach of Sludge metal with something like the blistering and visceral nature of Crustpunk may seem entirely antithetical, when in reality it actually works really well, as we’ve seen time and time again with bands like Downfall of Gaia, Alpinist, Fall of Efrafa, Dödsrit, and now… THÅRN.

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  • Thank You Scientist - Plague Accommodations

    29 Nov 2021 - Sebastian
    Progressive Fusion Jazz

    Four songs. 20 Minutes playtime. That does not really sound like a true Prog EP, does it? Yet Thank You Scientist manage to pack these 20 minutes with fantastic arrangements, great vocals and interesting musical ideas.

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  • Spiritworld - Pagan Rhythms

    29 Nov 2021 - Simon

    A unique blend of chaotic styles of metal music fused with the stylings and themes of old school westerns and horror fiction presented by Las Vegas-outfit SpiritWorld

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  • No God Only Teeth - Placenta

    28 Nov 2021 - Thorsten

    Is this Post-Metal or Blackened Hardcore? Crust or Japanese Screamo? The answer is simple – not “or” but “and”! It’s really hard to categorize Placenta the debut record by Northern German outfit No God Only Teeth, and maybe that’s what makes this record so much fun. Not in the literal sense, because that is not what they are looking for.

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  • Death Stare - Haze

    27 Nov 2021 - Pat O'

    Salt Lake Citys’ Death Stare has released one of the best “ambient post-rock” releases of the year. Without any drama or commotion, Haze was dropped to Bandcamp back in late October, and is a majestic and soul-stirring journey that will transport you through vast open skies and wandering mountainous terrain. It ebbs and flows from beginning to end. This simply has to be heard.

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  • Burial Waves - Holy Ground

    27 Nov 2021 - Ben
    Post-Hardcore, Post-Punk, Post-Rock

    These guys have known one another, played on the same stages, and have admired each other’s music for years. Now’s the time for the highly anticipated debut EP from Washington DC’s own post-hardcore/rock/math supergroup.

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