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There are way too many records released every week - which one should you listen to? We want to help you by reviewing lots of records every week and you can also check out a little teaser before reading the whole thing. And if you want to, you can also browse through our archive and have a look at the amazing records you might have missed out on.

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  • Noorvik - Hamartia

    16 May 2022 - Thorsten
    Post-Rock, Jazz, Post-Metal

    Some bands have a tendency to write overly complex songs, to create concept albums with too large background stories and in the process to forget that the music must be as great as the overarching theme behind the single songs. Noorvik and its new line-up has written an album about Tantalos, a Greek mythological king and his downfall. Sounds like one of these bad examples, right? Well, it’s quite the opposite! Let’s have a look at Hamartia!

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  • Various Artists - Songs of Townes Van Zandt Vol. III

    15 May 2022 - Thorsten
    (semi) acoustic covers

    Townes van Zandt is an American phenom as he was surely a classical country or folk artist and as such is not too famous outside of the USA, but his songs have been made pretty popular by Neurot Recordings which now releases the third volume of their Songs of Townes Van Zandt-cover-album-series. This time with another great line-up: Marissa Nadler, Amenra and Cave In and once again it is amazing how well these songs work with very different artists and very different musical settings.

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  • William Basinski & Janek Schaefer - “ . . . on reflection ”

    14 May 2022 - Skyler

    William Basinski delivers another tranquil album

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  • HeimlichManøver - Fragments 01

    12 May 2022 - Thorsten
    Synthwave, Ambient, Electronic

    The Heimlich maneuver is one of those life-saving techniques that everyone should know and that is not even hard to perform. The Heinrich Maneuver is a song by Interpol that plays with the name of our life-saving technique. The HeimlichManøver is a new music act from Northern Germany who released their first EP, Fragments 01, a few ago and who follow the paths of Synthwave sounds and danceable electronica to the t!

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  • Cremation Lily - Dreams Drenched in Static

    11 May 2022 - Thorsten
    Ambient, Indie, Noise

    A few years ago, Japanese noise legend Merzbow shall have said “If by noise you mean uncomfortable sound, then pop music is noise to me.” If we take this into consideration, then it would be interesting to hear what the maestro thinks about Cremation Lily, because their songs are based on pop melodies (yes!) and yet, they are …drenched in static so that the melodies are really difficult to make out among all the noise. However, isn’t that also what makes their record so interesting?

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  • Damokles - Nights Come Alive

    10 May 2022 - Knut
    Post Hardcore /Hardcore Punk/Hard Alternative Rock/Indie

    The underground punk, hardcore and metal scene in Oslo is vibrant. New bands are formed regularly, existing bands enter live scenes and release new music constantly and because the scene is tight and supportive. Seasoned musicians find together to form new bands. Damokles is one such band. It is an underground supergroup from the Oslo scene with members from established bands as This Sect, Kite, Melkeveien, Endtimers, Dunderbeist, Contrarian, ZAP, Stonegard to name some. They founded the band in the autumn of 2019 and this album is a result of the feverish synergy between the band members, releasing through the new Oslo based label Vinter Records that already is building an interesting roster of successful bands.

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  • UFOMAMMUT - Fenice

    09 May 2022 - Thorsten
    Heavy Psychedelic, Post-Metal, Electronic Metal

    There are names for albums that resonate the record’s inner core. But with Fenice, the new record by Italian psychedelic heavy mashers UFOMAMMUT, it seems that the record’s name is the program for the album itself. The phoenix rising from the ashes, the reborn band, the new life after utter darkness and loss of self. A new drummer completing the line-up giving the other two members the breath of fresh air that is rejuvenating and enticing at the same time. Welcome to Fenice, all you friends of the strongly resonating six-axe!

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  • Undeath - It's Time... To Rise From The Grave

    08 May 2022 - Knut
    Death Metal

    Undeath from Rochester, US released their full length debut in October 2020 when we were on our couches watching paint dry and plants grow a couple of centimeters and maybe also watching zombies stagger and run on our streaming platforms. Their first album was promising and made us wriggle some body parts and long for moshpits. Now, as the world eases the lockdowns, it is time to rise from the couch and throw ourselves into the whirls of the moshpits Undeath´s music will instigate.

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  • Arms and Sleepers - former kingdoms

    07 May 2022 - Jonas
    Trip-Hop / Hip-Hop

    I don’t like dancing – Period. I just don’t vibe that way. However, in the case of Arms and Sleepers, it’s literally impossible not to dance – I love it, and as luck would have it, he’s releasing his new album, ‘former kingdoms’, just in time for the Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, settling any worries you might have had about not finding the perfect soundtrack for those sweltering months!

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  • dälek - Precipice

    06 May 2022 - Thorsten
    Abstract HipHop, Ambient

    Okay, this is a first for us here at Veil of Sound. Our first review of a HipHop record. (Hint: there will be a bit more HipHop content the next few weeks) Not that we do not like raps‘n‘beats but there just has not been a record any of us felt like reviewing. However, now that the one of the initial acts of abstract rap has published a new record we cannot ignore it, but have to give you our two-cents on it. That act is Dälek and their new record is called Precipice!.

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  • Rise to the Sky - Everyday, A Funeral

    06 May 2022 - Knut

    Funeral Doom Metal, when done right, is like an extensive melodic symphonic adagio filled with reflection, sadness and sorrow. At the same time, it brings tranquility and equilibrium to the listener. And that is exactly what Rise to the Sky´s last release does. It slowly pans out like an introspective story about farewells, or one might say, farewell letters.

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  • Terror - Pain Into Power

    05 May 2022 - Sebastian

    Terror are not known for their monumentally long records and Pain Into Power certainly does not diverge from that path. With ten songs and a runtime of under 20 minutes it should be pretty clear that the band knows how to condense their messages into songs as poignant as possible.

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  • Am Fost La Munte Și Mi-a Plăcut - La Vale

    04 May 2022 - Jonas

    Once upon a time, a group of Romanian friends went up into the mountains and liked it there. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stay at the summit for very long, so now they’re descending the Transylvanian Alps, bringing a brand new album with them, called ‘La Vale’

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  • Astodan - Évora

    03 May 2022 - Thorsten
    Post-Metal, Alternative Metal

    Okay, Astodan’s new record Évora is not only a record to easily fall in love with but also an easy record to review. Easy, because it shows Astodan on a level of their own and also makes clear what could have become of one of the greatest nu-metal bands if they had made the right turn a few years after the millennium.

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  • Silverstein - Misery Made Me

    02 May 2022 - Sebastian

    Silverstein are around for two decades by this point and have released several incredible landmark albums. With Misery Made Me the Canadian band now releases another highly anticipated record.

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  • The Blank Canvas - Dark Mirage

    01 May 2022 - Knut
    Alternative Metal/Industrial Metal/Post Metal/Metalotronic

    Listen to this in one sitting. It feels like a rollercoaster ride while at the same time looking through a kaleidoscope as sparks of colors fly through your brain. It is fast and vibrant like energetic sludge metal or acid hard rock. It is the soundtrack of running away from a burning world with Mad Max´s Fury Road playing in the background. Tsunamis of synths ignite your imagination, urgent, almost breathless, clean vocals, vigorous drumming, fast melodic bass and a guitar sliding in and out of the soundscapes with riffs and solos.

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  • Sum of R - Lahbryce

    29 Apr 2022 - Thorsten
    Drone-Metal, Psychedelica, Doom-Metal

    Sum Of R before was more or less the sum of Reto Mäder‘s ideas, as he was the mastermind behind the project and, for most of its existence, the solo songwriter for Sum of R. Now the band has been transformed into a trio and one cannot deny the astounding impact the two new members have had on the sound, the songwriting and seemingly even on Reto himself. The resulting new record, Lahbryce, is an early but very strong contender for one of the top ranks on this year’s AOTY list!

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  • Celestial Season - Mysterium I

    28 Apr 2022 - Knut
    Doom Metal

    Celestial Season was founded in 1991, released their first album in 1993 and their sophomore album in 1995, they became one of the forerunners of Doom Metal in the 90s. Then they changed their style to Stoner Metal for some years, took a hiatus and came back with a Doom Metal release in 2020 and now releases a captivating new Doom Metal album that will be the first of a trilogy. It is as if the Stoner period of the band never existed, it is as if the core players never left or took a break.

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  • MOSAIC - Heimatspuk

    27 Apr 2022 - Thorsten
    Folklorian Black Metal

    “Die alte Straße / menschenleer / schleicht müde durch die Fichten“ (“The old road / deserted / is slinking tiredly through the spruces”) - when listening German poetry like that accompanied by wonderfully melancholic guitar (or lute?) sounds then one of the first guesses should be that you are witnessing a track by black metal meets folklore mastermind Martin van Valkenstijn and his project MOSAIC. And you are – cause it’s a line from his new record Heimatspuk!

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  • Haru Nemuri - Shunka Ryougen

    26 Apr 2022 - Daniel F.
    Experimental J-Pop

    I heard about Haru Nemuri for the first time this week as a result of a chance recommendation by a friend on Facebook. After finishing my first listen of her new record Shunka Ryougen, my bemused disbelief was such that my first instinct was to hastily start writing about it. I began jotting down adjectives such as ‘visionary’ and ‘prescient’ while hitting the repeat button and trying to fully soak in the genre-defying artistry I’d just heard. Hailing from the cultural hub of Yokohama Japan, Nemuri has embarked on a musical mission that sees her transcend boundaries both in terms of language and style.

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  • Glass Museum - Reflet

    25 Apr 2022 - Sebastian
    Jazz / Electro

    When I first heard Glass Museum at their online show during the online Dunk! Festival last year, I was immediately captured by their unique sound and music. A duo consisting only of a drummer and a piano / synth player is capable of creating some of the most interesting soundscapes some big bands strive to even come close to.

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  • מזמור & Thou - Myopia

    24 Apr 2022 - Jonas
    Atmospheric Blackened Doom Metal

    Every now and then, an impossible void comes into existence, within which the laws of nature don’t apply, and one plus one equals three. ‘Myopia’, the collaborative effort between Mizmor and Thou is one of these occurrences, which took place during the 2022 edition of Roadburn Festival, and got released as a studio album on the very same day in a clandestine manner!

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  • Vanum - Legend

    23 Apr 2022 - Knut
    Atmospheric Black Metal/Post Black Metal

    On their previous release, Ageless Fire, Vanum had really found their footing with brave and monumental Black Metal. Their music immediately grabs your attention and keeps it through the whole album. Intense and energetic drumming, rolling bass and riffing guitars that push melody after melody, building up a such grandiose soundscape that it sometimes borders on symphonic black metal, even without any string instrument but just a touch of synths. And they continue their venture steadily on this new album

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  • Novarupta - Carrion Movements

    22 Apr 2022 - Jonas

    In the beginning, there was fire, followed by water. Now, however, it’s time for air, in the ethereal shape and form of ‘Carrion Movements’, the third studio album of Novarupta!

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  • Bruecken - Innere Unruhen

    21 Apr 2022 - Simon
    post rock

    Take a journey to post rock nirvana with the sophomore album by Bruecken

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